The Virtual reality world is turning into a world more developers want to play in.  HTC and Valve - the Guys behind Half Life 3 (wink) and Steam - are creating their own virtual reality headset, "VIVE"



    News about Valve's virtual reality headset is presently inadequate, however the engineer will be giving demos of The Steam VR in San Francisco from March 4 to March 6.  Steam VR won't actually be Valve's first try at virtual reality. A year ago, Valve showed us its "Dota 2" model headset, which used a 2160 x 1280 resolution and head tracking capacities.

    Valve entering the Virtual reality world is amazing, yet fans have reason not to set their trusts excessively high. Once again at CES 2014, the organization guaranteed to change console gaming with a consolesque Steam Machines controlled by Valve's SteamOS programming,




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