What is augmented reality?Augmented reality is an amazing technology that’s going to be (literally) in living rooms across the world very soon.  I’m going to skip all the fancy augmented reality geek-speak and get to the facts. Augmented reality is computer generated objects viewed in reality through a screen (Mobile phone or tablet), head mounted display (virtual reality system) or a projected hologram.

    The real world applications for augmented reality are endless. Virtual reality, which makes immersive, PC created simulations, and this present reality, augmented reality is closer to this reality. Improvements in mobile technology are driving the advancement of augmented reality.


    Augmented reality changes the world around us. Imagine yourself strolling or driving down the road. With augmented-reality glasses on, which will in the long run will look much like an ordinary pair of glasses, enlightening illustrations will show up in your field of perspective, and sound will concur with whatever you see. These upgrades will be revived ceaselessly to mirror the developments of your head.

    Augmented reality is identified with a more general idea called mediated reality, in which a perspective of reality is changed (conceivably even eliminated as opposed to augmented) by a PC. Accordingly, the innovation capacities by improving one's present impression of reality. By complexity, virtual reality replaces this present reality with a reenacted one. Enlargement is ordinarily continuously and in semantic connection with real world components. 

    The point of augmented reality is to superimpose design, sound and other tactile upgrades over a certifiable domain continuously. Sounds really straightforward right? Furthermore, haven't companies been doing that with design forever?

    Nonetheless, augmented reality is more cutting-edge than any innovation you've seen in years.