Microsoft Hololens

    Microsoft HoloLens is a augmented reality headset that is a wireless, self-contained windows 10 computer. The HoloLens employs sophisticated receptors, a high-definition stereoscopic three dimensional optical head-mounted display. The HoloLens doesn't rest on your nose, so people who wear glasses will be fine using it. The sleek, futuristic looking headset is a simple, light weight system but, it feels strong. Along the edges of the headset, by wearer's ears are a couple of little red stereo speakers. Instead of earphones, the speakers don't hinder outside noise, permitting the wearer to hear virtual sounds together with reality.




    One thing that differs from virtual reality headsets like PlayStation VR is a “see through” display. The Microsoft HoloLens display is transparent, allowing you to can see the real world around you. Doing things like playing Minecraft on your living room table will become a reality. With HoloLens on, you could walk around the table to look at the game from different angles,


    Professional applications

    Trimble, a company best known for GPS technology, has teamed up with Microsoft to produce software for the AEC industry Trimble has announced that it is working with Microsoft to develop a new generation of tools, designed for the HoloLens, which will improve quality, collaboration and efficiency in the design of 3d models. Using HoloLens, designers are able to experience their 3d models as holograms placed in the real world. “We believe that HoloLens is a game-changer for design and construction teams by facilitating improved communication, and enhanced transparency. We’re excited to partner with Microsoft in creating what could be a new era for technology in the AEC market.”


     On April 29, Trimble showcased a proof of concept at Microsoft's Build Developer Conference in San Francisco.